Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Manmohan's reputation is now down to personal financial integrity

The elaborate myth that the media manufactured about Manmohan Singh now lies in tatters. So N.Ram rushes to beat the dead snake. He asks tough questions on P.J.Thomas appointment. But he still can't help selling the same old snake oil. He claims that Manmohan has personal financial integrity, while quietly discarding the PM's integrity quotient in matters of morality, law and common sense. What good is personal financial integrity if the person could be compromised on all other matters? I can't quite understand why N.Ram has to keep repeating a falsehood in some form or other. I am fairly certain that once Manmohan Singh is discarded by the dynasty, N.Ram will rush to claim that Manmohan had a poor reputation for personal integrity.
The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Yes, but what led to the ‘error'?
The proper course for a Prime Minister with a reputation for personal financial integrity would be to square with Parliament and the public on what it was that made him and his senior government colleague insist on, and rush through, the appointment of Mr. Thomas in defiance of morality, the law, and common sense.


Shiv said...

" ... a Prime Minister with a reputation for personal financial integrity " ..

so manmohan's personal checks don't bounce. what's that got to do with how he's created, participated and encouraged a culture of absolute corruption?

gopal said...

Abetting a crime deserves more punishment than commiting it. So Emptysingh ,our beloved PM of India should be punished for abetting all his lies, lapses,scams and scandals. He should stop patting the back of his ministers who are scam masters.