Thursday, June 03, 2010

Varadarajan burdened by journalistic debt

This journalistic debt that he talks about, Siddharth Varadarajan feels only when it comes to muslims. Varadarajan is faking a sense of morality by claiming to be burdened by this journalistic debt.  Why doesn't he put some effort to write a few stories on Kashmiri
pandits. He is probably afraid of the enormity of the secular debt that it will accumulate. That is not kosher, is it.
The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : This is not zero tolerance, Mr. Prime Minister
My question to Dr. Singh, then, was really Raja Begum's, the partial discharge of a debt journalists accumulate as they run from story to story.


Xinhua Ram said...

'The Muslim is inherently secular, the Hindu is inherently communal' - this is LiC's successful formula to win awards from Pakistan and funds from China.

I am catching up with some excellent posts here during the past week.

Anonymous said...


your posts are as sharp as needle...
i like your posts.


B Shantanu said...

Good one, HF

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

thank you friends for your kind words of support.

Gopal T.K. said...

HF - Are SV's facts correct? Is your beef only that he should write similar articles for other crimes? if latter, then ur point is rather weak.

Anonymous said...

S. Varadarajan is a US citizen, see evidence below. Like Chindu he doesn't work for Indian interests. Please expose him in your blog.

Shyam said...

@Gopal: I think the main problem here is Siddharth trying to enforce his agenda on the government/society. I believe he wants the Army's role to be curtailed in J&K, and is covertly supportive of "freedom" in Kashmir. Also note how The Hindu always supports peace talks with Pakistan even after major terrorist attacks.

Gopal T.K. said...

Shyamji - On what basis you say SV wants army role curtailed in Kashmir? Rather his argument seems to be for more lawful and clever (intelligent) use of army there!! After all, if soldieers will kill innocent people and show as terrorists, this means 1. alientaion of kashmiri villages and 2. actual terrorists getting off lightly.

Anonymouse- I'm not quite sure what SV's American citizenship as you say is relevant? Better this blog deal with arguments and not trivia!

kuttychathan said...

Gopal, you are evading the point HF has made in his post. While SV and his master NR has shed TMC of tears for the plight of Muslims in Kashmir, they have never highlighted the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. That is because NR and SV are in the payrole of Jehadis

Anonymous said...

Chindu seems to have a pathological hatred towards Guajrat, even in matters not related to Hindutva or N. Modi!

In the most recent Friday Review, we get to read the following stuff: "I taught the book at Second Year BA level in an Ahmedabad college. Students in Gujarat, normally weak in English, generally steered clear of reading books......"

The article was about a famous Amerian novel (made into a film) "To Kill a Mockingbird". See how this writer (V. Gangadhar) can be so contemptuous of the Gujaratis when he says the students are normally "weak" in English and don't read books!

This fellow (poor imitation of R.K. Narayan)used to write regular Sunday columns (mercifully stopped now), inserting secularism occasionally to please his masters.

Anonymous said...

Gopal T.K. said...On what basis you say SV wants army role curtailed in Kashmir?

If you read his articles (of the recent past; not the ones he wrote in ToI when his stance was completely different) you could see a very clear evidence to that. This shameless fellow never bothered to write about human right/wrong issues when he was with the ToI. Better lick Xinhua Ram's boot rather being unemployed (could not succeed with this mediocrity in the US and hence returned back).

Gopal T.K. said...alientaion of kashmiri villages....
Even if you bring heaven on earth the Kashmiri muslims will not be satisfied with it. So why bother about their alienation?
We are not talking about protecting the rights of potential IIT recruits here, but are illiterate/semiliterate Kashmiri jihadists.

Gopal T.K. said...Rather his argument seems to be...
I donot know why do you assume what tries to say.

Gopal T.K. said...clever (intelligent) use of army there!!...
The purpose of army there is to suppress the jihadis. Why should any one use them intelligently.

Gopal T.K. said...actual terrorists getting off lightly...
This calls for suppressing the rights of even more people with the hope that there may be possible jihadis there.

Anonymouse- I'm not quite sure what SV's American citizenship as you say is relevant? Better this blog deal with arguments

His heart seems to bleed for the victims of human rights violations (donot forgot his other half "Professor" Nandini Sundar is flying the flag against Salwa Judum from Delhi university). I am yet to find a decent work published by this "Professor" in serious academic journal, they all seem to be in EPW or in the edited volumes of her sickular husband. That did not stop them signing as intellectuals in various pamphlets (how intellctual should you be to work in The Chindu).

The reference to his US citizenship is relevant in that one of his recent articles is on visiting visas issued to foreign nationals visiting India. Obvious this foreign national is so annoyed with the Home Ministry's strict guidelines on Americans (because of Headley issue) visiting the country because this semi-intelligent creature was affected by this notice. Been told that his stay in India has been extended to another two years through the intervention of some one powerful in the government.

Professor Sudhir Gupta

Raj said...

When Charlie Rose, a well renowned journalist who has a interview show on PBS in the US, came to India along with Bush, and met with a panel of journalists to discuss about India and India-US relations for his show, guess who was in that sickular panel ?!

kuttychathan said...

By the way... What happened to LIC's threat to sue Indian Express? He had reiterated the threat on one twitt.. Let me remind him of his threat...Lest he forget...

Anonymous said...

@kuttychathan June 05, 2010 10:02 PM:

No one illustrates the maxim "Freedom of the press is for those who own one" better than the vertically polarized hucksters on aNNA sAlai.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

gopal.t.k, i think kuttychathan has already clarified my point.

thanks kuttychathan.

it is interesting to note that siddharth varadarajan is an american citizen. he probably did not have such a good time in the wretched capitalist land. so he is drudging around in india trying to create the communist paradise. or may be his bad karma is catching up with him. have a look at this comment from his blog:
Bairavi said...


Lal Salam

How is life in California Sidd. While your fellow citizens are rotting in Indian heat without regular power supply, you are enjoying in the warmth of California. When are you coming back to India, if you have any plan at all. Donot surprise us you are looking for a tenure in US.

Here we are quietly working on the project of exposing your 'intellectual line' by sending all your anti-american articles to all your colleagues in the school so that it would scupper any chance of you seeking a tenure in the school.

5:17 AM

Anonymous said...

Dear Prof Sudhir K Gupta -- Are you in Bhopal? Please call me at 09893566626

We have to talk about employment

Anonymous said...

Donot worry guys about Siddhardh Varadarajan. If his past articles were anything to go by about, then there is nothing to worry about.

Just went back to read "Dr" Varadarajan's article in WSJ published exactly 13 months ago ( His statement ("India's coalition of Communist parties, known as the Left Front, isn't disappearing any time soon..... The Communists, therefore, are going to remain a force to be reckoned with, at least for this election cycle and in the future too.") made to realise how prophetic he is :) His writtings, suggestions and predictions are all comical. As it would it too time consuming to get into all those predictions/suggestions, let me refer to few of them:

Narendra Modi, being the head of the state at the time of "state sponsored terrorism", should be punished.
Pipeline - India should side with Iran to go for India-Pakistan-Iran project.
Muslim headcount should be undertaken in Indian security forces.
Reservations for OBCs in private sector should be encouraged.
Punishment of Narendra Modi.
India should side with Iran in the UN (along with France).
When France switched sides with the US, he suggested India to follow its principled position (to oppose whatever the US suggests).
India should stop opposing the Maoists government in Nepal.
Entry of foreign universities should be opposed (it is fine for him, his wife "Professor" Nandini Sundar and his brother Tunku Varadaran to study abroad, but not good for their Indian brethern to study at those universities in India).
Creation of multi-polar world (with Brazil, South Africa and Russia, China).
Indo-US nuclear deal should be opposed (many in this blog thought very high of him that time).

Many more issues.... If he was employed in a private sector, he would have lost his job long ago. Thank God he is not managing my money in Indian stock market.


Anonymous said...

If SV says "Reservations for OBCs in private sector should be encouraged", then his own current employer would be ideal to start enforcing reservations not only for OBCs, but also for other "minorities and weaker sections" of the society.