Wednesday, June 23, 2010

S.V. calls for making borders irrelevant

Siddharth Varadarajan seems to have dropped his inhibitions and stepped out of the closet -- he is nakedly espousing a position which has no logical justification and calls it the only option! Disingenuous, stupid, frustrated, conniving or whatever you call it, this is a preposterous position to take. I wonder if Varadarajan, being the American citizen, will ask for U.S. making borders irrelevant with Mexico.
The Hindu : Today's Paper / OPINION : Building trust, one step at a time
The truth is that there are no other cards. The ‘make borders irrelevant' approach is the only game in town and sooner or later all stakeholders in Pakistan will have to be reconciled to it.

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Sudhir said...

Also, there is one more genius comment in his article. He suggests that instead of exchanging so many dossiers, the officers preparing them need to meet as regularly and this will facilitate faster flow of information.

"Granted, there is a trust deficit. But if, instead of exchanging thick manila envelopes, the officials who work on these dossiers were to meet frequently, this may well provide for more efficient if not effective interaction."

The whole article is singing the same old tune...his past 5 articles or so on this subject are just playing around with words... this unofficial Aman ki Asha is much more disgusting than what TOI-let paper did!