Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The AIT wild ass

Asko Parpola is repaying his debt to the Dravidian party by coming up with more wild ass theories. Its the same old theories on wild asses, missing horses, the Aryans coming on the dot at 1600 BCE to drive the Dravidians down south, the seals, etc. The world has dropped the aryan invasion theory; the migration theorists say the aryans could not have come after 2500 bce and keep pushing the date even further into the past. But chindu keeps promoting such wild asses.
The Hindu : Today's Paper / OPINION : The Indus script and the wild ass
Bones or depictions of the domestic horse and the donkey are not found in South Asia before 1600 BCE. ...the term was transferred to the similar-looking donkey when this newcomer came to South Asia from the west through the Indus Valley.


Anonymous said...

A request. why don't you place this as a pdf file with permission from the Editor of migration and diffusion.

Indus script deciphering
Kurt Schildmann (†)

The late Kurt Schildman has tackled Parpola very well.

Anonymous said...

The English translation is not very good, but the message is clear in the article of Kurt S

Anonymous said...

Go on clicking play. You will get the journey of mankind very well. S Oppeinheimers work is very good and strong. The origins from Africa and then to India, Australia and then from there upwards is very well mapped.

Gandaragolaka said...

M.R.Venkatesh has a different take on the issue: