Wednesday, June 02, 2010

N.Ram enraged at Israel

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Israel's rogue behaviour
Gaza: unarmed, humanitarian flotilla of activists, relief supplies, a Gandhian act of solidarity, besieged and blockaded people of Gaza, suffers all the evils of occupation, blockade of Gaza and its people, collective punishment of civilians, subjecting an entire civilian population to an economic blockade

Israel: rogue behaviour, lawless, outlaw nature, used grossly disproportionate force, criminal Israeli response, illegal and immoral blockade of Gaza, a pretext for the blockade (of Gaza), a full-scale war on the people of the territory(Gaza), Israeli invasion of 2008-09 led to the commission of war crimes
N.Ram clearly draws the battle lines and uses imagery to conjure up an image of an illegal occupier tormenting a hapless victim. Such vivid description is more apt for Tibet under Chinese occupation.

For a different perspective on the matter, have a look at Kanchan Gupta's blog post or B.Raman's take on this. Bulk of international response opposed Israel's methods but recognized the provocation. Even ardent supporters of Israel thought the matter could have been resolved differently. But N.Ram's depiction seems to be overboard. Or may be he is just singing for his supper.

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