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Propagating a separate Dravidian identity

Chindu has shown more than a fair interest in propagating a separate Dravidian identity, which is in line with the politics of the dominant dravidian parties in Tamilnadu.
The citadels of Aryan invasion have been demolished to rubble. So these eminent Dravidian researchers have come up with Aryan immigration and established it as a "fact". Just like Karunanidhi asked for Ram's engineering degree, we should stand up and ask these Dravidian researchers to show us the immigration visas of these Aryans.
The Hindu : Opinion / Op-Ed : Parpola and the Indus script
He has published a long series of brilliant papers to establish the fact of Aryan immigration into South Asia after the decline of the Indus Civilisation.


Anonymous said...

Even though the article in Migration and difuusion is by non-establishment linguists it is interesting counterpoint. There are many articles in Migration and Diffusion. Please click below and go to authors section and read the articles esp by

Indus script deciphering
by late Kurt Schildmann (†)

Tbe eommon belief that tbe script runs from rigbt to left. Tbe contrary is true. It is clear tbat the seals sbow tbe graphs and pietures mirrored.

In page 42
Horllally,, human beings are glottohistorically blind,(Indian Brahmans, Gurus, and 9ivine Reincarnations.

In Page 46.
Reading and writing direction is from left to right. that is. normally. the direction the depicted animals are looking or going to. Jurii Knorozov and Asko Farpola stick to reading in the wrong direction.

Will write later

Xinhua Ram said...

There is conclusive and evidence of the Marxist invasion of The Hindu. It is well documented on the Oped pages.

Anonymous said...

The main problem is that if you are not proestablishment, your views are not accepted.

The translation of late Kurt Schildman is not upto the mark in English, but, he has critically evaluated the Indus script.

Page 34 of the

UNFORTUNATELY, a similar situation is encountered when publishing Indus Script deciphering. Disappointment among nonHindu Pakistani leaming that it is Sanskrit, and not a Baluchi-Dravida dialect. The Republic of India has an external and an internal problem. External: the Pakistani feelings; internal: no Hindu polytheism is extent in the Indus culture.

One feels extent is exists.

Here is another extract from reference below

by Kurt Schildmann
The author shows a possible expedition near-east seafarers reached Maya-Land around 500 BC. They brought their script symbols and a lot of expressions to their new horizon, which can be found in the Mayan context as far as they are open for our understanding. An understanding, which is promoted and opened in remarkable way by this book.

Kurt Schildmann, born 1909, Duisburg-Hamborn, Germany. At the age of 18, he explored Greece with his brother, where monks gave them lessons in medieval Greek. Later, by etymological studies he specialized in reconstructing the Proto-Indo-European Basic Language. Examined on 6 languages by the New Federal Ministry of Defense, he became a member of the linguistic staff of that Ministry for more than 20 years. Retired, he got the opportunity to read and collect grammar and vocabulary of exotic languages. Finally he deciphered Glozel (France), Burrows Cave (Illinois, USA) and texts as written in Sanskrit.

REVIEW by Dr. Horst Friedrich
The author of this book is an extraordinarily competent non-Establishment scholar who has, in 1994, already successfully deciphered the Indus script, as written in Sanskrit. This has already been rather sensational, and constitutes one of the great achievements in the field of the decipherment of ancient scripts. In addition, in the years to follow, he has examined inscriptions on certain artifacts from North and South America (among them finds from the controversial Burrows Cave, Illinois), and even from Europe (among them Glozel, Southern France), being able thereby to propose that the advanced civilization of ancient India obviously had been involved in worldwide colonizing activities.

With his new book Schildmann has demonstrated even more convincingly that in ancient times there must have existed worldwide, intercontinental interconnections with respect to cultural diffusion on such a grand scale, which our relevant Establishment sciences would have held impossible up to now. One of the provisional results of Schildmann's decipherment of the Maya script, and study of the Maya language, is the rather sensational discovery that words from several Old World languages (Sumerian, Accadian, Indo-Iranian, Phoenician, Hebrew and Basque) have somehow found their way into the Maya language. Nota bene in addition to other linguistic elements which show interconnections with South East Asia. Quite obviously, such discoveries have only been possible for some comprehensively competent linguistic scholar like Schildmann. They could not have been made by a specialist.

For the Mayanists Schildmann's book is an absolute "must". But it will also be of the greatest interest for all those who see in global cultural diffusion the new paradigm. Schildmann speaks e.g. of "irrefutable proof... of the Babylon-guided penetration of Maya-Land at about 500 BC" (p.37), and of an "arrival of Ancient Near Eastern nobility at 500 BC in Mesoamerica (p.54)

Anonymous said...

The honourable Prof Parpola says this below.

He says: “When the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu's award is given to me for a Dravidian solution of the Indus enigma, this award will inevitably be interpreted by many people as politically motivated.

Yes a politician is giving the award, it will be political, honourable professor. You have said something about North India in the ensuing paragraph and heritage in the Hindu article. Eric Ambler wrote in the " Coffin for Demcrotis " In a dying civlization , political diagnostics is best known by the bedside manners ( a term used to denote as to whom you please) you have, awards and rewards are decoration of mediocrity by ignorance."

The late Kurt S has refered to Parpola's book which Iravatham Mahadevan has described in the Hindu article.

" He published his magnum opus in 1994, Deciphering the Indus Script. The book contains the best exposition of the Dravidian hypothesis relating to the Indus Civilisation and its writing"

Kurt S has refereed to this book with his critical comments.

Now back to Asko Parpola's last publication, a wonderful expensive work of: no avail,titled "DECIPHERING THE INDUS SCRIPT", Cambridge University Pres, 374 pages. This work appeared in 1994, in the
year I distributed my Fascic1e
proof that deciphering has been achieved.

Then Kurt S continues in the same article.
Page 35 of the first reference cited in start of the previous post.
FIRST OF ALL to my friend (for more than 20 years) Prof. Thomas Barthel, Tübingen, Promotor of transpacific Indo-Mexicanistics, fervent diffusionist, ethnographer, epigrapher, decipherer in the field of Maya hieroglyphics, who for about 8 years in vain had tried to decipher the Indus Script.
Convinced, Prof. Barthel's answer was: In Tübingen reigns amazed silence (= staunendes Schwiegen, my comment: not joy). Indeed, in Parpola's 1994-work, under References, p.303-349 = 46 pages, there are listed about 3.000 publications on Indus Script. Deciphering problems and attampts, produced by mankind' s cream of historians (ethnologists, anthropologists, linguists, epigraphers, cryptographers etc. etc.), ALL OF NO AVAIL.

Please try to read both views.