Monday, June 23, 2008

Nirupama proves she's Pak's dhimmi

Thanks to Schuncher for pointing this recent article in the Chindu.
The theme is a common occurrence in Pak-land in recent times. There are a bunch of soldiers loitering around and suddenly they are ambushed either by 'miscreants' or by an American smart bomb. The Pak military then decides to play the blame game blaming everyone but themselves for the cause of this issue. However that is not the issue with the article.
The Chindu's esteemed Ms. Nirupama Subramanian(a wannabe Pallavi Aiyar) is the official correspondent for Pak affairs. Giving her insights on this issue, NV claims,
The intriguing incident in which four Pakistani soldiers were killed in an ambush by unidentified “miscreants” on the Pakistani side of the Line of Control last Thursday, will help Islamabad rebut Indian claims that the Pakistan Army, or elements in it, are once again assisting cross-LoC infiltration.

Thanks NV, that puts our hardworking Armed forces to rest easy that the Pakistan military is not sponsoring the infiltration. While you are at it, I have some Nigerian oil bonds worth about 15 billion euros I would like to sell to you, if you could kindly provide your bank information. There is very little analysis of the issue and she swallows the Pak official line hook and sinker.
The Pak official spokesman then hilariously states,
“The attackers disappeared after dark, and we could not really trace them or get hold of them,’ he said. The Pakistan Army often uses the term “miscreants” to denote militants.

Mr.Spokesman did they not leave a call back number or perhaps a visiting card? The miscreants are becoming very unreliable these days, makes one look back to the old days when they would wait and give their version before heading out for dinner. Then NV goes on to state the Indian POV,
New Delhi has also been concerned about the recent increase in the activities of banned groups in Pakistan.

Well that seems kind of logical when terrorists decide bomb peaceful civilians like those in Jaipur and other places and most of the attacks seem to have some cross border ties.
In her zeal to provide analysis about foreign affairs she forgets one minor fact, she holds an Indian passport! Reading this article makes one feel as if we are in fact reading 'The Dawn'.

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Anonymous said...

I did't believe this when I first read it. Wanted to confirm with you guys. It was like taking Pakistan's case against Indian diplomats. One of those 'Only in Chindu' specials.