Monday, June 02, 2008

The business of NGOs

A police commissioner misuses power to file a sedition charge against TOI. The aggrieved party blames the haughtiness of the police. It quotes statements by Congress leaders, who strongly condemned the police commissioner's action.

Editors Guild assails Gujarat police action against TOI-India-The Times of India
The sedition case was strongly criticized by Congress with the party spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi...
His party colleague, science and technology minister Kapil Sibal, was equally harsh on Ahmedabad police.
What does Chindu do? Quote the NGOs. It is instructive to see how these "concerned organizations" react. It has all the usual rhetoric. First drag Sangh Parivar into it because this incident occurred in Gujarat. Then refer back to the 2000 "mostly muslim" people who died during the 2002 riots. Reiterate the "Hindutva laboratory" image and make sufficient noise. The bastard media will help anyway. Label anyone who questions these "facts" as fascists.

The NGO business is purely propaganda for political purposes. It is utterly unethical and highly lucrative. In fact, most of these NGOs, just like certain media establishments, are funded by foreign interests to fulfill a dubious agenda.

The Hindu : National : Editors Guild shocked by Gujarat case
In a related statement, the Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT) demanded withdrawal of the criminal case. Describing it as a “highly condemnable and deplorable act,” SAHMAT noted that it was aimed at throttling the freedom of expression of the media.

The FIR filed against the journalists exposed “the hypocrisy of the Sangh Parivar leadership and the administration run by it on the vital issue of defence of freedom of expression,” the SAHMAT statement said.

Referring to the role of the Gujarat police during the 2002 riots, SAHMAT added: “The latest unexplainable act of booking journalists in a case of sedition and criminal conspiracy proves that there is no room for any differing views in that State. The journalists booked in the case had merely written about the Police Commissioner on the basis of their investigation.”
To understand how a spin has been created on this news, have a look at Chindu's own report from yesterday. It is obvious that the Government and Sangh Parivar had nothing to do with it. By deliberately quoting SAHMAT, Chindu is acting with malicious intent. Is it any coincidence that SAHMAT and Chindu are hand-in-glove?

The Hindu : National : Police Commissioner files case against newspaper
The legal experts, however, could not explain how the charges of “sedition and treason” could be applicable in this case. It was also learnt that Mr. Mathur did not obtain the State government’s clearance before the filing the case.


Anonymous said...

expect some strong indictment of bjp's national executive meet and advani's speech in it over the next few days. the secular anal ysts will vote, count,and declare bjp will not win.

airaF said...

And they spew out things like Hitler,
Fashisht rezime(DRaja,intellectual),

These people must be Crazy..

airaF said...

i mean,in the sense that,if there is anyone here trying to play politics of hatred,of divisiveness,it is these very self-appointed upholders of rights and secularists.
When you see how some of those 'journalists' talked to the media about this atrocity,it gave out all those contrived emotions.
Check here:

Esp the 3rd/4th guy,talking about phreedom oph praess,and consphiracy..

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wow there is a sms from padre cedric prakash. that will scare Modi. wank, wank, wank.

and dont tell me those orifices clambering onto buses and shouting are all zournalists.

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u preople are karzzzy

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I strongly protest the reckless use of Pinglish language in the comments section. This language is actually patented

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