Friday, June 20, 2008

Loyalties to the Left Credo but not to the people

Anyone who has observed the long history of the Left in power in various countries has observed the repeated theme of a selected few using themes of class conflict and economic disparity to grab power and hold on to it by any means necessary.
Often the people whose rights they swore to protect are left without any rights and are brutally subjugated. USSR, China, West Bengal, Cuba, Kerala the list goes on.
Somehow the Utopian promises of equality and liberty for the proletariat are written in paper but to no avail. Sure the Chindu and LiC would love to argue the sweeping statements made here, but the facts speak for themselves. Recently given the rampant global rise in oil and commodity prices, even the Chinese government could not force artificial controls on the prices of diesel and petroleum products.
Pallavi Aiyar being the Indian Uncle tom to the Chinese breaks the news with a straight face.
China announced an overnight sweeping rise in its domestic energy prices. Effective from Friday, the cost of diesel is up by 18.1 per cent and that of gasoline by 16.7 per cent. Electricity costs have also been raised.

Wow 18.1 percent. Not your Rs.5 increase for which the CPM Karat Yechury and their goons have been holding the UPA government hostage.
The Chindu decides to treat this with an air of inevitability. Some state governments in India have asked for the UPA govt. to bear some of the hike to ease the burden on common citizens the demands which the Chindu would term as 'populist'. However when the Chinese government decides to do the same for some groups it is for humanitarian reasons.
With one eye on potential public outcry over the latest rise in fuel prices and the added inflationary pressure it is likely to result in, Beijing has been careful to announce an array of subsidies for certain groups to offset the effect of the hike.

I'm sure we will listen to Yechury, Bardhan and co. rally in all parts of the Country and advice the Chinese Government to rollback those prices, in my dreams.
The inherent hypocrisy of the Chindu in not reporting and analyzing human problems across different countries with a similar treatment simply because of the ideology of the people in power is abhorrent. Some of my Chinese friends whose families are suffering with the rise in food prices as high as 50% in some regions over the past few years. However those kinds of true facts would not be published in a newspaper which loves to show one side of the story like the Great Leap Forward.
As a great philosopher, when confronted with starving common people, once said:
"..let them eat cake."


Anonymous said...

I think the last statement is attributed to Maria Antoinette, France's Queen, and certainly not any philosopher.

Dirt Digger said...

You are exactly right. Do note the comment with the context.

sr said...

PA highlighted the move with "China’s announcement led to an immediate fall in the price of oil in international markets by around $4, down to some $132 a barrel".. Uh! If so then how this can be true? “The increase in the prices will benefit domestic oil companies,” said the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), top planning authority in a statement. If domestic oil companies to make profit what it has got to do with International prices? Due to imports? If so then with reduced prices, domestic companies cannot make profit?

Oil prices the variance is anywhere between 131-138 (under extreme fluctuation it crossed 138 but not sustained) attributing this to chinese move is utter rubbish. Traders always look for news to induce volatility. Any news such as terrorist threat in Nigeria, OPEC announcement would no doubt move the needle far.

If price increase is such a powerful tool to reduce international prices, why Chindu & commies didnt welcome the same with India tried to do? Extending further, almost all prices are on the rise, can we increase domestic prices by far to manage it?

All questions, but PA has no answers!

Dirt Digger said...

Great point. PA is no economist and thus cannot come up with an explanation on the linkage between the two events. Chindu's stuck between a rock and a hard place. It cannot complain about the price hike and the problems it poses to the common man when its own political masters are doing the same.
It does not question the ridiculous approach taken by the Commies towards the UPA govt. though.