Monday, June 30, 2008

The art of sidelining pointed arguments

The left has been barking loud on the N deal and the LiC has been more than happy to do his bit in fanning the flame. Now, with the imminent exit of the Left lunatics from the UPA, the Congress has mustered the courage to raise some very pointed questions.

Taking the bull by its horn, the Congress reacted to Karat's rant on PD thus:

"At a time when developed countries are increasingly going back to nuclear energy [and looking to follow the example of France where 80 per cent of energy needs are met from nuclear power plants] as a relatively clean fuel option; we are endangering our economic growth prospects for short-term electoral prospects or due to blind ideological obduracy.”

Managing inflation has no connection with going ahead with the nuclear deal and, if anything, obstructing the deal means that the nation’s energy security and its ability to withstand future oil price shocks would be further reduced. The Iran pipeline is not an alternative to the nuclear deal. And if Russia and America, China and Pakistan and China and Russia are all busy signing nuclear deals, should India forgo pursuing its interests?”

The Left's hypocritical stand couldn't have been exposed better. Wielding power disproportionate to its national relevance , the Left has been a pain in UPA's *ss from day1 . In its blind urge to please its Chinese masters, it does not even hesitate to subvert India's national interests. Had MMS inked a similar deal with China/Russia , would the lunatics have barked this loud? What is the relation between lowering inflation and operationalizing the deal? Did the Left government in WB completely wipe out poverty before their Singur/Nandigram misadventure? The very party whose government couldn't drive out bird flue from its territory and instead chose to drive out Taslima Nasreen is now giving unsolicited advise. Heard of the devil quoting the scriptures?

Coming to Chindu, this news was neatly tucked in one of the inner pages in yesterday's issue. Today's issue(online) has Karat's warning, Prachanda's interview and a Chinese technological milestone - all on the front page. The LiC is giving the commies a bang for their buck.

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Dirt Digger said...

LiC's agenda has been how can he can suck up to all his masters and short of putting up full page CPM rules or China rocks ads.
I was a bit surprised to see Congress put up such a cogent argument against CPM. If only they could do something similar in WB, they could kick out CPM there and shut up all those geezers there.