Friday, January 14, 2011

Vatican moves John Paul closer to Sainthood

There were 2 John Paul's who were highly influential in the 20th century. One who performed on stage as a member of Led Zeppelin and the other .... Now the Vatican comes out to beatify John Paul II which moves him closer to Sainthood.
Pope Benedict XVI said in a decree that a French nun's recovery from the Parkinson's disease was miraculous, the last step needed for beatification. A second miracle is needed for the Polish-born John Paul II to be made a saint.

The whole charade of sainthood and miracles are both a sham and hypocritical when the Vatican and its supporters often decry philosophies of other religions as blasphemy or heresy. In the past another quack from Calcutta was sainted. The media should be quick to condemn such rubbish than think about offending minorities sentiments and the like. But LiC has been hobnobbing with the Xtian priests and their minions for years given both his wives are Xtians. It will not be surprising to see cHindu declare a holiday when JP2 will be sainted.


CodeNameV said...

One of my frnds said "i dont understand the need for hospitals if someone can miraculously recover from a diseases!"

Would the christian world dare to stay out of hospitals?

Anonymous said...


I am surprised as to how the below has not been commented upon on this blog so far? Is this article correct? I doubt it-

Xinhua Ram said...

Indian Express:
Kerala HC pulls up state govt over Sabarimala stampede

The judges recalled that they had given a warning to the authorities on January 5 about the need to regulate the flow of pilgrims to avoid disasters like stampede.

High Court seeks report on Sabarimala tragedy