Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reactions from secular readers responding to flag hoisting

This Letters to the Editor is a filtered figment of saturated excrement that is daily published by cHindu's editors. This farce represents what is wrong with cHindu bottom up.
This refers to the editorial “Trouble-making in Kashmir” (Jan 27). Thank god, the BJP Ekta Yatra ended peacefully. Nevertheless, the editorial rightly cautions against further political exploitation of the people in the Valley as that would be “worse than a crime.”

Nice to see our folks describing the raising a national flag as political exploitation.
Note to Kashmiri separatists, please pay back all the incentives earned since inception of Article 370 with interest of 8.5% PA before coming to the table for separate country. Otherwise please go to hell or in your case Pakistan.

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Sudhir said...

Can't seem to access a link now.. but there was another letter. First one that day. "The Ekta Yatra has shocked the entire country". And our favorite newspaper dutifully reproduces that crap.

Also observe the tone of language that support the yatra. Heavily edited so as to make them sound almost apologetic for supporting the yatra!