Monday, January 10, 2011

Exposing how the UN is becoming a puppet

In what is surely a marked change from the past vivid censorship of opposing opinions towards minorities, its rather interesting to read cHindu writer Madanjeet Singh's article Blasphemy laws and their serious implications .
The 57 states of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, led by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Egypt, have proposed a United Nations resolution, “On Combating Defamation of Religions.” It is but a Trojan horse to promote a fundamentalist agenda and enforce blasphemy laws and other discriminatory pieces of legislation. It is intended to legalise threats and violence against minorities and other vulnerable groups, as Human Rights Watch of Pakistan has pointed out.

What this does clearly mean is the narrow agenda being promoted by the various Islamic nations to demonstrate their clear agenda of intolerance towards other religions, faiths. It clearly exposes the direct vision of Islam, contrary to its supporters in the media, as a religion of bigots. If 57 countries all following a particular religion can pass such ridiculous laws then where are the so called 'moderates' of Islam who outnumber the 'few' radicals?
Attackers kill and wound Christians and Ahmadis, in particular, and burn down their homes and businesses. The authorities arrest, jail, and charge members of minority communities, heterodox Muslims and others with blasphemy and related offences because of their religious beliefs. In several instances, the police have been complicit in harassing, and framing false charges against, members of these groups, or have stood by as they were attacked.

To Shah Rukh Khan, Sidd Varadarajan and all supporters of Pakistan, is this the "great neighbour" you have wet dreams about?
Perhaps you should give up the Tiranga and head over and spend time on the "Paradise on Earth" called Pakistan.


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Thank you, HF, but I might take your offer later. Work will keep me busy the next few months. Right now, I don't get to read The Hindu. I will be visiting this and a few other blogs for a quick recap of events. Thanks again!