Monday, January 17, 2011

More biased news from cHindu

There have been several recent news articles by cHindu where the 'editorialization' has continued.
Thanks to our keen readers these have not gone unnoticed. We will respond to these articles shortly.
They are:
High Court seeks report on Sabarimala tragedy The crux being that the High Court had reprimanded the State Government for not improving the infrastructure despite previous notices as reported in the Indian Express.
The other more ridiculous article was where the Supreme Court in all its infinite wisdom claimed that India was a nation of immigrants.
It will not be surprising to find the Supreme Court reserve 99% of all college, train and bus seats, jobs in private and government sectors to monkeys since they were the real original inhabitants and their state has not been improved since Independence.


cbcnn_Pilid said...

SC judges love to write about everything under the sun in their judgments these days. This instance is a good example. Para 39 takes the cake: "Despite this horrible oppression on them, the tribals of India have generally (though not invariably) retained a higher level of ethics than the non-tribals in our country. They normally do not cheat, tell lies, and do other misdeeds which many non-tribals do. They are generally superior in
character to the non-tribals." Wonder what the basis is for such beliefs. Courts are normally supposed to be sticklers when it comes to procedures and rules of evidence but the way our judges reveal their personal beliefs without much concern for any of that raises questions about the integrity and impartiality of our judicial system.

Xinhua Ram said...

Would like to know Pilid's take on Karnataka affair.

This editorial seems to be balanced to me: It is one thing to turn the Raj Bhavan into a retreat for elderly or inconvenient politicians. It is quite another for the government at the Centre to use it as a political stage for undermining State governments run by rival parties.

cbcnn_Pilid said...

Based on what we know, the editorial does seem balanced to me too. There is no doubt the governor has been partisan in the past but he could not have been expected to overlook evidence against the CM when permission was sought.

Anonymous said...

Special correspondant may be working overtime and needs some rest.

Correction and retraction

The statement reported in the news item published in 'The Hindu' of January 23, 2011 titled "Expunge remarks against Graham Staines: Supreme Court's remarks 'gratuitous,' say editors, civil society members" was actually signed by Anand Patwardhan, Fr. Dominic Emanuel, Harsh Mander, John Dayal, Navaid Hamid, H.L. Hardenia, Praful Bidwai, Ram Puniyani, Shabnam Hashmi, Shahid Siddiqui, and Seema Mustafa.

It was wrongly stated in the report by our Special Correspondent that the statement was signed by N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu, Chandan Mitra, Editor-in-Chief of The Pioneer, and editorial representatives from The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, The Hindu, The Pioneer, and The Telegraph.

We apologise for the serious blunder by our Special Correspondent, who inexplicably mistook the persons to whom the statement was emailed for publication, for the list of signatories.

Anonymous said...

@Xinhua Ram
- Balls for a day.