Sunday, December 06, 2009

Fwd: One-night stands accepted

the mistress culture is quite rampant and not so discreet in china. there have been mistress paegent competitions. there have also been official orders from cpc trying to clamp down on officials keeping mistresses. social decadence is now deeply rooted.
if i remember correctly, volkswagen mini cooper had a branding issue in china after its launch. it was the preferred gift of choice for the mistresses and very soon it became the mistress car in china.

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From: Girish

The survey also noted that as many as 5 percent of female college students were either mistresses or had sold sex during their period of education.


Anonymous said...

look at the report at this link

There is a reference to "he", but was not revealed till the end who it was? In a rush to get the news report published, the paper does seem to ignore the basics?

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

what a gaffe.