Saturday, December 26, 2009

Brilliant piece on India's criminal justice system when prosecuting cops

First off, hat tip to Mr. Siddharth Varadarajan for this top notch piece of journalism in cHindu.
This piece critically analyzes the devious nature of how SPS Rathore of Haryana and his team manipulated the legal system to escape the case of sexual molestation of a child and only get 6 months in prison after close to twenty years in courts.
This article is commendable in many ways. It pieces together the various ways cops and politicians are working the system to ensure that the process of justice does not proceed. It also lists reasonable remedies to this problem like reforming the police organization to ensure its not a puppet of the government in power.
Lastly it does not shirk away from pointing the light inwards(at the media itself) for not shining the light on this case earlier. One hopes that pieces like this for which cHindu was famous for enables the common man in getting justice from (and cleaning up) a justice system which is like a venereally diseased behemoth.
One naively hopes that cHindu will enable Mr. Varadarajan to continue this article as a series to further focus on other areas of need in India's criminal justice system.


Hindu Fundamentalist said...

DD, I agree with you on this. A very good article by Siddharth Varadarajan. He has stayed away from his usual trite and look at the result. I was delighted to read this article. I hope we get to read more of this stuff on the newspaper and I will only be glad to be put out of business.

Sudhir said...

The article is indeed nice... many times I just wonder, what is it that stops the political leaders to usher in police it the police themselves?

- Sudhir

Pilid said...

Generally agree but for a few points. I see no good case for including a charge of abetment of suicide here. Abet is to aid or assist in the act of suicide and Rathore did not do anything of the kind here. His actions likely led to Ruchira's depression killing her but there is just not a strong nexus required under criminal law.

Also, he wants narcoanalysis to be used against police officers. Fair enough but the evidentiary value of this procedure is still debatable.

kuttychathan said...

DD... I agree that even chindu should have its own share of kudos. Let me point out one more example. Today's edit-page article by Praveen Swamy on the Shopian deaths.

kuttychathan said...

....On Pilid's point on narco analysis...I agree with him. Even chindu has questioned the morality and efficacy of narco anlaysis, in the past.

Anonymous said...

The comments displayed here confirms your shallow understanding of Indian politics. With these kinds of amateurish readers and their comments, Indian journalism will continue to remain at where it is now. No wonder Indian newspapers increasingly borrow more articles from their western "partners".

Sudhakar Rao