Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fwd: First settlers in China and the Orient were Indian migrants

here comes another research finding in support of migration out of india.
btw, there is a separate line of study in china suggesting that chinese race has evolved out of the anthropoids (homo erectus, i think) differently than the rest of the human race. the origins of racial superiority have already been laid. hitler was driven by ideological belief in aryan supremacy. the chinese have their own version in han supremacy.

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From: Girish
The ancestors of the contemporary population of China, Japan and other East Asian countries had migrated from India, according to a research study conducted by a team of scientists from 10 Asian countries.

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shaan said...

hey dude, researchers from China were also involved in this research that suggests that the first settlers in China were from India. perhaps they will now say that they are more evolved than us.