Friday, March 20, 2009

When the hand gets the finger

Let's face it: national parties aren't doing so well this election season. First, it was the BJP in Orissa, and now it's the turn of the media's favorite party. Twice in a row at that. Laloo extinguished the Congress flame in Bihar with his lalten and now it's the JMM in Jharkhand hitting bullseye from its quiver.

Is it an indication of the underlying weakness of the ruling party? I don't know. Those who do, viz., the media, surely aren't telling much. Only Ram knows why. :)

PS- What Abhishek Singhvi will say, too, is anybody's guess. 'Fool me once'....perhaps. 


shankar said...

Even if each of the seven contributors here posts once a fortnight, there will be a post every other day. That is not much but is enough to bring the readers back. And not every post need to be in-depth analysis of editorials and issues.

Regularity is the key for readership. And it will build over time, not overnight.

shankar said...

Just saw this:

"Perhaps The Hindu is the only national newspaper which uses the language of the Chinese Communist Party. If you look at the previous editions of The Hindu you can see the editor of the newspaper calling the Falun Dafa ... and the Dalai Lama a "Devil." This is not the language of Indian media and Indians. We do not use this language even to describe terrorists. The language adapted by The Hindu is the language of Chinese Communist Party."

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

shankar, point well taken. will work towards it.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to the Congress party or Chindu's pet Lalu Prasad, Chindu does not shower the same sadistic and derisive language which it reserves exclusively for BJP's misfortunes. The humiliation meted out to the Congress party in Bihar is much worse than what Naveen Patnaik did to BJP in Orissa. But, both Sonia and Lalu are secular. Hence, Chief has got to be careful with his words.