Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Secularism rears its beautiful head-Varun Gandhi chronicles

Recently Varun Gandhi going off on a rant said,
This is not a hand [Congress symbol], it is the power of lotus [BJP symbol]. It will cut the head of …
If anyone raises a finger towards Hindus or if someone thinks that Hindus are weak and leaderless; if someone thinks that these leaders lick our boots for votes; if anyone raises a finger towards Hindus, then I swear on Gita that I will cut that hand.

And in Chindu there are numerous quotes by the secular bigots like Digvijay Singh and others condemning the statement.

It comes as bit of surprise that the Congress and the Left show more anger towards someone making rabble rousing statements, than against the terrorists and their masters when they attacked Mumbai.
I have seen only one grainy video on youtube. Could someone please post a link to a video of the alleged speech on the comments section?

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