Tuesday, March 24, 2009

IPL now in South Africa

Continuing with the series on the IPL issue which my fellow blogger socal has so rightly pointed out most of the parties involved have exhibited a cavalier attitude towards the real problem and are only focused on furthering their own personal agendas.
As per the latest news, IPL will now be played in South Africa. Lalit Modi has struck a deal with the cricket association of SA and more details will be announced soon. One can expect the Chennai Super Kings to play at the Centurion or the Mumbai Indians in Durban or the Kolkatta whatever to play in Cape Town. The larger issue is that IPL has disappointed the fans at large. There are certain aspects which made these teams unique,
  • The loyalties towards cities and their fanbases

  • The presence of up and coming local talent

  • Live cricket watching experience

Granted the audience in the stands is a fraction of the overall population, but playing in SA is akin to playing in Mars. If the English Premier League or the Italy Serie A were faced with a similar situation would the Manchester United were to play in say Mangalore or AC Milan were to play in Beijing? One wonders how their fans would react hearing such news. But IPL takes fans for granted and thinks they will spend their hard earned money on a crappy product and a significant portion of the revenue would be given to SA. I do hope that the fans bring this up to the attention of the IPL and potentially the courts.

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