Saturday, March 28, 2009

The ability of LiC to twist facts.

I'm appalled at the ability of LiC to once again write banal accounts of his trips to Tibet and make the Tibetian cause appear weak and paint their rightful struggle as a figment of someone's imagination.
In an article 'Celebrating social emancipation in Tibet ' the LiC brings out the lowest level of yellow journalism.
The commemoration has come half a century after the Democratic Reform did away with feudal serfdom and slavery and the theocratic system in Tibet, emancipated a million serfs, and laid the basis for the autonomous modern development of the region as part of the Chinese socialist system.

Really celebrated by whom? The communist politbureau?
He then goes on to quote selected quotes from the Dalai Lama to portray him as an ardent supporter of Marxism and Mao.
Quotes like these,
I was so attracted to Marxism, I even expressed my wish to become a Communist Party member.

If LiC can cherry pick the Dalai Lama's quotes then how about this one?
As for the failure of the Marxist regimes, first of all I do not consider the former USSR, or China, or even Vietnam, to have been true Marxist regimes, for they were far more concerned with their narrow national interests than with the Workers' International; this is why there were conflicts, for example, between China and the USSR, or between China and Vietnam. If those three regimes had truly been based upon Marxist principles, those conflicts would never have occurred.

Ignorance thy name is LiC


Xinhua Ram said...

Please post this on your blog; I have tears of joy over this recognition.

Indian newspaper applauds China's democratic reform achievements in Tibet

Anonymous said...

Thank God you noticed it. I was so overcome with revulsion about this piece written by XRam. Such blatant twisting of facts and opinions and arrogance...sheesh. XRam has sunk to the lowest level.

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Anonymous said...

"If nothing but good has come out of the Chinese control of Tibet, why have thousands of Tibetan refugees fled China for other countries, claiming persecution and various forms of suppression?

R. Raj Kumar,

Anonymous said...

If it is all so much commie kindness overflowing in Tibet, why not Chief himself to relocate to Lhasa and partake of the Han bounty?

Anonymous said...


I am even surprised that LiC even allowed a letter to be published which questions his writing :-). Of course, the mandatory congratulatory letter is sitting right on top of it :-).

The write up by LiC was followed by an "official report" from xinhua yesterday!