Sunday, May 08, 2011

Kasim Sait bashes Geelani on OBL death prayers

We had earlier condemned the rabid nature of the Kashmiri stone pelters in matters of supporting the "martyrdom" of OBL (specifically Geelani). This was not limited to Kashmir as various mosques across India from Delhi to Chennai to Calcutta held prayers for OBL.
cHindu fave Kasim Sait has somehow become cHindu's voice of reason:

The funeral prayer for Osama at the Makka Masjid in Chennai is highly deplorable. How can a person who is responsible for besmirching the reputation of Muslims globally be given even a semblance of respectful homage? This is notwithstanding the acts of aggression committed by the Americans. Would not conducting prayers for such characters send a wrong message? I hope that responsible sections of the community would roundly condemn this failing on the part of the mosque authorities concerned.

Kasim Sait,

For once KS has given a valid comment. Lets see how quickly this will revert.


Anonymous said...

Geelani has called for a shutdown in Kashmir on 14th of May. The ISI handlers of N.Ram ordered him to play up Geelani's call. The Hindu has given his call prominent coverage on front page.

froginthewell said...

His main problem with giving respectful homage doesn't seem to be that Osama is a terrorist, but that he is "besmirching the reputation of Muslims".