Tuesday, May 03, 2011

cHindu defends Pakistan on hiding Osama

Everyone and their dog knows that Pakistan knew Osama bin Laden was hiding their country not in some mountain but in plain sight in a suburb near Islamabad. A place a stone's throw (literally) away from a Military academy. If it were ever proved that Pakistan did not know that Osama lived within its borders they should shave their head and jump off a bridge. However cHindu defends Pakistan by a series of articles today.

Pakistan laments ‘unilateral' U.S. action

Pakistan said it wasn't sure whether Osama was alive or dead

Osama financed the fall of Benazir's government, says Zardari

Kayani: ‘It is unjust to criticize Pakistan' for not locating Osama

Operation caught ISI “by surprise”

cHindu should change its name to National paper of Pakistan. Even Dawn has not offered a stirring defense of Pakistan.
Here's a headline from Dawn:
US feared Pakistan might ‘alert’ Bin Laden about raid: CIA

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Xinhua Ram said...

His handlers must have told the LiC that there is only one terrorist - The Dalai Lama. China is the only nation currently defending Pakis.