Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Future LiC SV wants talks with Pak

The killing of Osama Bin Laden has exposed Pakistan to the world as the epicenter of world terrorism. It has covertly/overtly/subvertly/extravertly/supervertly created, nurtured, enhanced, sustained many of the leading terror groups like Al Qaeda, Taliban, LeT, JuD and many others. However the future LiC of cHindu SV has deemed it fit that India should continue talking to Pakistan. He has been a rabid supporter of talks to a terrorist nation even when it kills citizens of India. But that should not affect him as he's not an Indian citizen.
India is unlikely to make the mistake of allowing Osama bin Laden to sabotage this win-win process from his watery grave in the Indian Ocean. Apart from economic gains, greater trade will gradually enlarge the constituency of those in Pakistan who have a stake in the normalisation of relations with India.

That really made sense as his other nugget
What the U.S. did on Monday may have been effective but it remains a second-best solution to tackling terror on Pakistani soil. The fight against the entire syndicate of terror has to be waged by the Pakistani police and security forces, acting under the complete control of the civilian government there. This is a message India needs to emphasise to the U.S. and other allies and friends of Pakistan and it will be most effective if delivered with tact and restraint.

Only problem is that is likely to happen if Kayani has dropped all his nukes on India or sometime in the year 4000AD. Reading this rubbish from Siddharth Varadarajan seems to many as what paid news means.


Shicalze said...

Manmohan Singh government following Sidd V 'keep talking to TSP i.e. Terrorist State of Pakistan' line ...



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