Tuesday, May 10, 2011

cHindu slams Gilani's history lesson

cHindu's repudiation of Pakistan PM Gilani's rant on the history of bin Laden of the facts presented was shocking for any reader of the newspaper.
But as a reply to why bin Laden was discovered living in relative comfort in the heart of Pakistan, not by the country’s own military or intelligence agencies but by the U.S., Prime Minister Gilani’s account falls far short of an adequate explanation. His characterisation of this failure as that of “all the intelligence agencies in the world” comes across more as an attempt to deflect blame than as a response born out of honest introspection by the Pakistan state. Even as a history lesson, Mr. Gilani’s statement was incomplete. No one pushed Pakistan into the first Afghan war; Pakistan’s military under General Zia ul Haq made a calculated choice to participate in it. Aside from the U.S. support, Saudi Arabia generously poured money into Pakistan to create a culture of jihad. After the war, the same military and its intelligence agencies decided to deploy some of those jihadists to establish a pro-Pakistan regime in Afghanistan, while others were despatched for the task of ‘liberating’ Kashmir from India. No Pakistan army chief has ever made an attempt to institutionally repudiate the Zia legacy.

cHindu goes on to beat up the Pakistani military for keeping silent on how OBL was found in the suburbs of Islamabad.
The agreement is said to have been renewed in 2008, when the present Army chief, General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, was in charge. While the full truth about how OBL managed to hide in Abbottabad may never come out, it is time for the Pakistan military to face up to some truths about itself — and about its role in bringing the country to its present state.

This is quite different from the cHindu we've read in recent times. One which would've put the blame on India and US for why Pakistan was in such poverty. So to balance this editorial cHindu publishes another "editorial" which details sabre rattling by Indian Army and diplomats against "peace-loving" Pakistan.

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