Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some interesting reads in the Friday Review

Of most cHindu supplements I have found the Friday Review to be a decent read. A potpourri of articles covering various facets of arts and culture from Music to Dance to religious pursuits.
In particular two articles one about the dying style of classical dancing called Vilasini Natyam.
And the other about a analysis of a discourse on Azhwar literature with Velukkudi Krishnan were noteworthy in content.
Sadly though its the case of a great dessert with a shabby meal with the cHindu and its supplements.


CodeNameV said...

Good one DD. I like Friday Review sometimes. But my fav supplement is Science and Technology. I have been regularly reading it since I was 10. Year end snippets on "the best 10 discoveries this year" is excellent.

D Bala of LVPEI and Ananda Parthasarathy write excellent content. I wonder why The Hindu's political reporting section cant take their pieces as models that could emulated! It would wonderful to read The Hindu of such quality in Political reporting. Imagine Neena Vyas, Vidya S doing some reporting without any bias or any ideological leanings.

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