Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beijing intellectuals enraptured by a neocon philosopher?

While the Congress plenary makes for a page 3 spectacle by parading one 'Category 5' moron after other on its runway, it's worthwhile to focus back at the real world. Columbia University professor, Mark Lilla, has an article on the strange fascination of Chinese intellectuals for the ideas of the German-Jewish philosopher Leo Strauss. Strauss's most influential idea perhaps is the constitution of a pool of elites who can help guide the society towards its own general good. While the article is for subscribers only, you can read it fully here.


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Venkat Ramanan said...

Off-topic but related to The Hindu...

Murali back as managing director at Kasturi & Sons

Shouldn't a media house which claims itself as "India's national newspaper" have some transparency in its postings? How did Vidya get Businessline Europe correspondent role and how did Malini's son Ananth get Beijing post?

I am not bothered about what happens in a private company, but this being a "national" newspaper which claims as being voice of Indians should be open to public scrutiny!!

Xinhua Ram said...

More on the issue raised by Venkat Ramanan above.

The March move of EnRam and his Board, without notice and an opportunity to be heard, was an oppressive act, lacked probity and good faith, and was vindictive.

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