Sunday, December 12, 2010

Descent of India into Oligarchy

For all his failings in the 2G Radia scandal, Vir Sanghvi hit the nail on the head when he said:
how the public will not stand for resources being cornered, how we're creating a new list of oligarchs

India descends into Oligarchy
Let us look at all our media barons, mining giants etc. A small fraction of industrialists with the help of politicians, a blind eye from the judiciary and not tacit assistance from the media have cornered the nations resources and ergo its wealth for their own personal piggy banks.
What is the difference between India and Russia then?
Probably the fact that a small fraction of the population is enabled in India to work on the technology, banking and automobile sectors. But its much closer than we think.

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Anonymous said...

"What is the difference between India and Russia then?"

We should consider ourself lucky if we ever become like Russia - a strong , "independent" , self-reliant, self-confident nation.

in my conversations with russians i actually saw their LOVE for their nation....whereas Indian patriots are mostly shameless "pseudo-patriots"...