Sunday, August 08, 2010

Fall of communism in China

How do autocratic countries collapse? History has always shown that the guiding principle of autocracy to subdue alternative philosophies and remove influential thinkers fails in the long run with the various subdued groups taking power often with violent force. China is currently in the same situation. The rabid growth of Islam and the underground churches sprouting like mushrooms have left the Government fighting to put down these groups. cHindu in this series by Ananth Krishnan attempts to do a circus act detailing the problems faced (or created) by the Uighur Muslims while detailing the opposition (help) provided by the Communist Govt.
The Chinese government has, however, blamed exiled separatist groups — as well as some local religious leaders — for fomenting the recent unrest. It has since launched a campaign against “the three evils” — terrorism, separatism and religious extremism. Xinjiang's mosques — and its worshippers — are now on the government's radar.

As usual the Uighurs blame the Government for all their ills, as usual for not giving them money or development priority and preventing them from practicing (spreading or violently converting) their religion.
The riots, Uighurs say, were the result of years of simmering tension between the two groups, exacerbated by what they see as Beijing's flawed developmental policies. The increasing migration of Hans has stirred local resentment; so have recent restrictions on local mosques. Uighur unemployment is on the rise, as is the income disparity between the two groups.

It will be interesting for India to see its neighbor China collapse slowly but surely and plan for the repecussions of what might happen in the future.


Sudhir said...

I have a doubt - You mean to say Honourable Shri MMS led UPA will actually study the repurcussions and "plan" for the future?

- Sudhir

Xinhua Ram said...

Official statistics for 2008 failed to capture income equivalent to about 30 percent of China's GDP.

And nearly two thirds of that unreported income goes into the pockets of the richest 10 percent, widening China's already troubling wealth gap.

Average per-capital income for the richest 10 percent was 65 times of that of the poorest 10 percent.

Xinhua Ram said...

Compare these:

Baalu sparks language war in Lok Sabha
Baalu threatened to walk out and began to do so followed by the DMK crowd, prompting Solanki to offer to speak in English. But far from resolving the issue, it only provoked a "Hindi" backlash with some BJP and other members opposing the move.

DMK protests translation failure; BJP insists on reply in Hindi
Mr. Solanki made an offer to answer in English, which was objected to by the BJP.

kuttychathan said...

Today, the Chindu carries a two page special on Independence Day. On page2, there is a photograph. The caption reads "five million Muslims migrated from India to Pakistan after Independence". No mention about the migration of Hindus and Sikh from Pakistan to India.

It is a deliberate attempt by LIC and his marxist-jihadi combine of friends, to rewrite history. They are trying to create an impression that only Muslims suffered during partition. The truth is that while the Muslim community manages to grow in numbers in Independent India, Hindus have been wiped out of Pakistan.

But Chindu can only say what their jihadi pay masters ask them to say.

Anonymous said...

Good catch by an attentive reader.

It takes a great level of imagination to publish an old, undated photograph of an overcrowded III class railway compartment and call it as "Muslims" fleeing towards Paksitan! Chief has excelled himself in his own secular game.

First of all, how can Chief be so certain that the foks shown in the photograph are "Muslims" and which direction the train was running at that time?

This photographs is quite similar to the one published by Chindu around the time of Godhra riots, a hapless "Muslim" man crying for mercy from his "Hindu" attackers (who were not shown in the photograph).

During the last few weeks Chindu (and other secular fellow travellers in the media) has been publishing several photographs of "Kashmiri" youth (which of course doesn't include the Pandits)- brave stone throwing mobs, particularly women and children. Another dozen photographs and Chindu can get some third-rate "journalism" award dished out by some dubious white European NGO.