Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Independence Day for our enslaved media

Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi get the credit for their leadership; the congress and the government, although under the same leadership, gets blame for corruption and ills. The disclaimer about the reputation of Manmohan and Sonia, who are lording over the rot, being intact is and indication of the extent of sycophancy.

Another Independence day has come and gone but these journalists can't seem to liberate their enslaved minds. They wonder at allegations related to CWG but can't come to terms with the level of corruption in their minds.

The Hindu : Today's Paper / OPINION : A Peepli Live Independence Day
The UPA-I's biggest asset was its leadership. Dr. Singh and Sonia Gandhi stood for decency in public life. Their reputations are still intact but a discomfiting odour has come to surround the government and the party they run. And there is a cocky arrogance about both. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the way the Congress and the government have brazened out allegations of corruption in the Commonwealth Games.

The Prime Minister has intervened at a time when it is common knowledge that thousands of crores have already gone into the bottomless CWG pit.


Anonymous said...

Malini-ji seems to be on the come-back trail. Today she has dished out another plateful of secular stuff entitled "Reviving true Kashmiriyat".

According to her: In this era of post-nationalism, it is possible to preserve the distinct Kashmiri cultural identity in an autonomous political framework that is not at odds with the idea of it being part of a larger Indian Union.

Since we are declared to be in the post-nationalist era, what's the take of the author on "Punjabiyat, Telenganiyat" etc.? When Shiv Sena talks of about defending the interests of the Marathi people Chindu immediately jumps and shouts "narrow parochialism".

What's the opinion of Malini P on Khalistan? After all, Sikhs also have a "distinct cultural identity" and so do the Tamils. What will happen if the Tamils want a separate autonomous Tamil Nadu?

Of course, the stock secular reply will be the situation of Kashmir is something unique and so the Kashmiri (Muslims) are entitled to have a special status, autonomy etc.

kuttychathan said...

With Malini on the come-back trail, the Hindu would better make a change in its masthead. Substitute "India's National News Paper", with 'India's Asinine News Paper'.