Wednesday, August 04, 2010

cHindu's new Kashmir analysis

A writer known as "Maa-loony" analyzes the Kashmir situation and provides her analysis in this Leader page article.
As usual she starts off on the wrong foot by blaming the security forces for the problem.
Heartrending spectacles of teenage boys defiantly hurling rocks at the police and paramilitary personnel and of mothers weeping besides the bodies of loved ones killed in the indiscriminate firing by the security forces, playing out daily on television screens nationwide, have jolted us out of our collective complacence as regards Kashmir.

Her analysis clearly paints this as a political issue and absolves the Kashmiris of all blame.
The protesters on the streets, apart from the teenagers, are educated doctors and MBAs, frustrated at the lack of employment and economic opportunities. It is not hard to see where the frustration of the educated Kashmiri youth comes from. On the one hand, they are told that they are Indian citizens but they are shut out of the narrative of India as an emerging economic power.

What she fails to realize is the intervention of our friendly neighbor Pak's role in this whole brouhaha as evinced by the WikiLeaks episode in their interests in controlling the region through support of terror groups. Her asinine repetition of Indi-Paki bhai bhai statement shows cHindu's Paki sycophancy and treasonous position on international affairs.
The moral authority of India's actions in the Kashmir valley will be strengthened by a demonstrable willingness to work with Pakistan to find a permanent solution to the dispute over its status. It will help in large measure to heal the wounds and the angst of the Kashmiri people who feel they are hostages to a larger geopolitical wrangling.


Xinhua Ram said...

Our Leftists, who are victims by birth, have aligned with Kashmiri stonepelters, who are also born victims. Natural allies, you see!

Water Engineer said...

Malunni is is the true tradition of a sickular. Ranjinder Sachchar thinks India has no legal claim on Kashmir.

Anonymous said...

How about a special Kashmir edition of Chindu under the sole control of Malini P? She can continue with her secular crusade sitting in Srinagar and chief will be only too happy to have her move out!

kuttychathan said...

On another point...

The Chindu invites nominations for its Best Fiction Award 2010.


1. All the heroes & heroines in the book shall be Muslims.

2. All the villains in the book shall be Hindus.

3. The theme of the book shall be the diabolical, majoritarian, fascist conspiracy of Hindus to ethnically cleanse the angelic, innocent, poor, humble and finally peaceful Muslims of India.

The Jury

The Jury shall contain a panel of eminent Mullahs nominated by Jamaat-e-Islami.

The Prize

1. A cash prize of 500,000 Saudi Riyals.

2. If the winner is a woman (Insah Allah) she gets to spend a day & night with LIC.

3. If the writer is man enough (God Forbid) he gets to spend a day & night with Maa Loony.

For Details

Contact Vis-Chaprasi, the Reader's Editor. He can be found washing pots in the kitchen of LIC's house.

Last Date

Last Date for submission of your secular nominations is 31st August 2010. Just remember that....

Water Engineer said...


Jury should have special invitees like Mula yam Yadav, Lallo Yadam and Haram Vilas Paswan. They are honorary muslims. Teesta, a muslim and Burka Datt to be Secretaries of the Jury.

Chaitanya S said...

Just the old stuff. Dont the people at The Hindu get bored of themselves ?