Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Swat falls to the jehadis but Chindu chooses silence

On the outset, what I'm about to write is based on my look at the high level articles published on the Chindu in recent days about the handover of the Swat region of Pakistan to the jehadis. If there has been a detailed article other than quotes from the UPA Government and officials from other countries.
For those who have not been following this, the Swat valley was a tourist location (similar to Kashmir) and in a stroke of irony it was infiltrated by the Taliban who started to ring in their parallel government.
The Pak government tried to use its military might to control the situation.
However the situation went out of hand and the Pak government essentially had to hand over control of that region to the Taliban militants.
Essentially an elected democratic government has to yield power to a bunch of fanatic religious bigots who do not tolerate other religions and want to go back to the 7th century customs and traditions.
Compare this to the recent incidents with the Ram Sena and Valentine's day ruckus. The Chindu was all over this complaining about how the "Hindu-taliban" was sending the country back to stone age.
But when the Pakistani government essentially hands control over to the militants, there is not a peep to be heard from Chindu.
I am not sure who is the worse bigot the Taliban or Chindu.

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