Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hollow praise in the third person, news or propaganda

Reading this article here Tibet on road of rapid uplift
reminds me of how high school used to be with friends spreading positive rumors about friends. I'm not sure of the smoke and mirrors with this style of reporting.
“People always asked why I went to Tibet again and again,” said Mr. Ram, attributing the visits to his intention to “do a reality check.”

Funny thing is its published in the Chindu from an article of Chin-hua about Chindu's own LiC! Surely one would've thunk Frontline would have some space to showcase out a detailed article.


Anonymous said...

BEIJING: A prominent Indian journalist on Wednesday rejected "Tibetan independence propaganda", saying the region's economic growth was good and the atmosphere was "relaxed".

This is how a Xinhua report starts in today's edition of Chindu and if you are curious about the identity of this "prominent Indian journalist" continue reading the report.

"The problems are largely in the minds of some sections abroad, in 'make-believe Tibet', and in the propaganda of the pro-independence movement of the Dalai Lama," N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu, a leading English language Indian daily, told Xinhua on Wednesday.

Well, Chief gets his dues in this mutual back-scratching story.

If you are still curious then plese note, "it was his third visit to Tibet since 2000 and Mr. Ram has travelled to various parts of the region, from the capital city of Lhasa to underdeveloped villages. He has seen schools, monasteries, orphanages and factories" etc. etc.

March 28 and the significance of this date in history.

...the day the Chinese government dissolved the aristocratic local government of Tibet and freed more than one million serfs in 1959 — he said: "It is a good decision".

And now the reason, according to the chief himself, for his frequent Tibetan tours.

"People always asked why I went to Tibet again and again," said Mr. Ram, attributing the visits to his intention to "do a reality check."

Ok. Then, what about doing a reality check in Kerala and West Bengal? Will it bother chief and his own comrades?

Anonymous said...

Ram to Chinese officials : Thanks a lot for putting me in nicest hotel. It had all the comforts and I never had to come out even for a minute. As promised, I have published the article which was passed to me in sealed envelope. Even after publishing that, I have not read that article to keep up my promise.

Thanks also for the increment on the monthly quota. You see now days, there are some vested interests trying to probe too much into my news paper connection to your country. Whenever there are pressures, I tried to write article about minority impacts and BJP bashing. But I must tell you that I am quickly running out of excuses. Next 6 months will be bit difficult to cover your country news, as I need to support Madam Antanio. Contract has already been signed. It would be helpful, if you keep providing the news article in the sealed envelope.

As always we assure we will remain as your best puppet. Yours faithfully, LiC

Anonymous said...

If the same kind of situation is reversed like some paper in China praises India then the editor would be shot or put in jail. But unfortuantely LIC is misusing the Indian democracy