Friday, February 13, 2009

Solution to terror in Mumbai, gift Pakistan aid

In the cult classic 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' actor turned terror supporter Sanjay Dutt in the protagonist's role gets this brainwave to praise his enemies and give them gifts. That worked well in movies. Now Chindu's resident genius and Wonder boy Siddarth Varadarajan claims India should now think of giving Pakistan sops to help it fight a war on terror.
His rationale being,
After expecting the worst, New Delhi today finds itself having to fashion a response to a Pakistani investigative effort that the entire world is likely to judge as serious and effective.

He then goes on to advice the UPA Government,
In order for this positive turn to be consolidated, the Manmohan Singh government should resist the temptation to gloat or to pick quick holes in what the Pakistani investigation into Mumbai has revealed.

Therefore in conclusion he deems that the Indian Government should praise the Pakistanis and give them sops for their effort.
Now that Pakistan has demonstrated more than a modest measure of cooperation, India will have to also evaluate the carrots, if any, it is prepared to offer to ensure the progress that has been made continues, and the planners of Mumbai are brought to book.

First off, who the f*ck cares what the world thinks. This problem has affected India most of all. There is more than circumstantial evidence to prove the involvement of Pakistan and its crony organizations like LeT and others. The more the investigation's report comes out, Pakistan appears even more negligent and blind to this cancer. Every attempt in the past by India to give out the Olive branch has been rebuffed or leveraged against it by Pakistan. So why should India reach out the olive branch again?
Of course a lot of bleeding heart liberals like Mr. Varadarajan would deem that Pakistan has turned over a new leaf. I disagree, there is still lack of details from the investigation from Pakistan(Source:Yahoo News)with details like
Malik said the suspects also used a digital teleconferencing system whose service provider is based in Houston, Texas, while a satellite phone used by the attackers was issued in a "Middle Eastern country," he said, giving no more details.

Let us say we were running a bank, someone comes in and breaks a few windows. We know the crooks and ask their landlord to help us catch them.
The landlord decides to dilly dally first stating the crooks don't live in his building, then keeps frequently changing his tune. Now there is an person who says, given the credibility of the landlord's information, the bank should give him a loan. What would the bank do? Probably fire him and recommend psychological analysis. That is what needs to be done in this case as well.

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this is the real standard of hindu..pathetic newspaper