Sunday, September 30, 2007

Naxal Ram calling for JD(S) to part ways

Whereas at the center, Naxal Ram asked Congress to fall in line with Left's demands, here he is asking JD(S) to part ways with BJP. How is N.Ram different from the opportunistic politicans?

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : An unavoidable divorce
After serving his half term as Chief Minister, H.D. Kumaraswamy evidently sees no incentive to continue this unhappy marriage.


Anonymous said...

"After serving his half term as Chief Minister...". Chindu does no want to say "after enjoying his half term". It won't be of surprise if Chindu had played an active role in destabilising the Karnataka govt., just as it (more specifically, the present Editor-in-Chief) was supposed to have earlier played a similar role in destabilising the BJP-led govt. in the centre by instigating AIADMK to pull out of the govt. with the connivance of Mataji Superior.

Chindu could not digest the fact that the BJP is the largest elected party in the Karnataka legislature.

Anonymous said...

Over 30 domestic flights cancelled

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: More than 30 domestic flights, both out-bound and incoming, were cancelled in Chennai in view of the general strike called by the State Government.

Chindu does convey the truth, at least once in a while! Notwithstanding all the fraud about the bandh being called by political parties, spontaneous etc. it was clear that the bandh was manipulated by the ruling clique in the state, as mentioned by comrade Chindu.

It was also funny to hear this congresswoman Jayanthi Natarajan (during a TV discussion) giving certificate to Karunanidhi and bluffing that the airlines cancelled the flights on their own and not due to any coercion.

Anonymous said...

Chindu gets a good coverage!

"Pls read that … … it calls the Hindu newspaper as CBCNN - Chennai based Chinese National Newspaper."

"ya, thats a good blog, exposing the notorious journalism of bloody Ram and his The Hindu."

Thejas said...

N Ram is behind Kumaraswamy !

Anonymous said...

It is such an easy giveaway, beta CM being guided by Chindu in the latest Bangaluru intrigues. It is somewhat hilarious to read that he accidentally dropped in at Chindu's local office!

Looks like Chindu's chief has set up camp at the Karnataka capital to see to it that BJP does not get the CM post. Wonder what else, besides "ideology", played a role.

Several years ago, when AIADMK was part of the BJP-led govt. at the centre, Chindu's present chief was believed to have brokered to incite/induce the AIADMK to ditch BJP, in favour of secular Sonia.