Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fwd: Why was Gokul Chat targeted?

Here is some more vicious and vicarious reporting by Chindu
(synonymous with anti-Hindu).

Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad

Why was Gokul Chat targeted?

Swathi V.

Mangled softy machine, far flung footwear, congealed blood and an
unbearable stench marked the ravaged "Gokul Chat" on Sunday. Premchand
Vijayvargi, one among the seven family-partners, was pleading hoarse
to be left alone.

"We are humble businessmen and do not in the least know why our eatery
was targeted," he said.

.....Mr Premchand might plead ignorance but the local people link the
incident to the presence of a huge Hindu population in the area and
the proximity of the chat bhandar to Vishwa Hindu Parishad office.

"The region ranging from Esamia Bazar to Badi Chowdi is thickly
populated with North Indian business communities, especially Hindus
from Gujarat and Rajasthan," informs a social worker from the area.
The VHP office standing just about 20 metres behind the blast site
could be another prominent reason, he says. ......
So, you all heard it folks. It is the fault of Hindu population to be
living in their own country. That's why they deserve to be bombed. If
the shops want to be spared of "secular-minority" attacks, they better
avoid areas "with huge Hindu population".

So, next time if some areas around Chindu's office are bombed, it
would mean that it is because of the "Hindu" name board was nearby!

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