Monday, September 24, 2007

Chindu understates DMK's outrageous and pre-planned attack

Chindu is projecting the image that the injuries to BJP workers was purely "accidental". It is going to the extent of suggesting the BJP cadre hit themselves.

The Hindu : Front Page : BJP office in Chennai attacked
Miscreants threw stones at the office building, damaging windowpanes.

...his party conducted the stir in a “peaceful manner.”

Mr. Dorairaj said: “A few persons pelted stones. They were instigated
by the BJP members who came out of the office and said something.” The
police officer said he would not call the incident an “attack.”

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that the "police officer" Mr. Dorairaj said, he would not call the incident an "attack." This statement by the so-called police officer seems to be an exclusive to Chindu, as this brilliant interpretation did not figure in other major papers. It won't be even surprising if Chindu itself had orchestrated this statement. There were graphic illustrations of hooligans throwing huge stones on the grill gate of the BJP office, with helpless ladies standing behind it. And Chindu would lovingly call it at the best an "alleged" incident.

By downplaying DMK hooliganism and berating BJP, it looks like Chindu wants to get back into the good books of Karunanidhi (and in that process try to settle the intra-family dispute of the CM).