Saturday, February 19, 2011

Varadarajan, the lobbyist who didn't get caught

Siddharth Varadarajan is Barkha-fying news. Chindu has a list of journalists who are propagandists for Congress. Harish Khare, who was the political editor at Chindu, used to frequently write articles praising Congress and pleading the Dynasty to assume totalitarian control. He later became the media adviser to Manmohan Singh. Varadarajan belongs to the same category.

According to Varadarajan, there was no corruption before NDA government.
Inspite of Dr.Singh presiding over unprecedented corruption, his personal integrity is unquestionable for some strange reason.
The root cause of all problems is capitalism. Was there any corruption during the golden era of Nehruvian Socialism when the politicians could work  for the masses without the distractions of dirty money?

Siddharth Varadarajan is a congress lobbyist was lucky enough not to have been caught in Radia-gate.
The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : It's time to get down to business
The United Progressive Alliance inherited this corrupt system and presided over its unprecedented expansion.
As an economist and a man of unquestionable integrity, Dr. Singh ...
When individual corporate houses attempt a short-cut, however, they
invariably corrupt the wider political edifice. Corrupt politicians come
and go. But unless the crony capitalists who use them are punished,
Indian democracy will continue to corrode.


Xinhua Ram said...

Even Nandini's friends in the Left will not buy his attempt to make this a Capitalism versus 'pre-liberalization-era-corruption-free-utopia-that-was-India". The guy takes great pains to arrive at some obfuscated point, but fails to. Loses his way after lots of twists and turns in logic.

Shiv said...

Sad to see such trash being allowed to occupy the pages of the Hindu. How this paper has fallen! Reading the news, it feels as if India has taken a head-first dive into deep **it the last 2 years, cheered on gleefully by trashy non-writers and sycophants like these.

Anonymous said...

The turbaned wonder and his craven apologist: Casablanca redux

Captain Renault: "I am shocked! shocked! to find that there is gambling going on here!"

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

the rate at which sidd is going, he deserves to have his own hall of shame.