Tuesday, February 01, 2011

cHindu wipes CPM's arse again

This news article has nothing to do with local Indian politics. It does not have anything to do with a nation with deep ties to India. However cHindu toots the CPM horn again.
The Left parties have expressed support for the people of Egypt and urged the Union government to take a clear stand endorsing the will of the people.
The CPI(M) said the U.S., which was notorious for engineering “regime change” in countries that did not act at its behest, should be warned not to interfere with the will of the people of Egypt.
“The Egyptian people will not accept anything less than the immediate removal of Mubarak from power. It is only with this step that there can be a transition to a democratic set-up based on the wishes of the people,” a CPI(M) Polit Bureau statement said.

I thought of putting a who cares, but this is ridiculous to be publishing quotes from one set of parties.
And we thought Toi was good enough to be flushed.


Xinhua Ram said...

LiC and the CPI(M) should check how scared Egypt is making their own handlers:

Why a nervous China aims to shield citizens from Egypt news

China has warned last week that websites that did not censor comments about Egypt would be 'shut down by force.'

Anonymous said...

Did you catch this?

====From a comment on the Shadow Warrior blog===
*** Inferno said...
Chinese air force drill looks awfully similar to ‘Top Gun’

The seemingly doctored footage has been removed from CCTV's website. But Chinese media has in the past been caught red-handed lifting fictional U.S. material in news reports.

BTW the Top Gun meme is fitting- given that the eternally youthful hero of the film is thought to shoot blanks in real life...
And don't miss the links in the article mentioned in the comment- especially the one with Homer Simpson's X-Ray.