Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pompous braggart Siddarth Varadarajan is a US Citizen

Lookee here, the pompous braggart Siddharth Varadarajan with the cHindu who is always advising India to be vary of the "big bad wolf" US, but can be friends with "peaceful" Pakistan or "friendly" China (excuse my quotatations here, I'm following Sidd's journalistic style) is a US Citizen.
As per the Indian Press Information Bureau is:
The Press Information Bureau (PIB) is the nodal agency of the Government of India to disseminate information to the print and electronic media on government policies, programmes, initiatives and achievements. It functions as an interface between the Government and the media and also serves to provide feedback to the Government on people�s reaction as reflected in the media.

It has a news release which was pointed to us by an Anonymous contributor to this blog some time back -->
This states that Mr. Varadarajan is a US Citizen.

Sitting on top of an ivory tower and spouting advice to the natives is apparently an easy job.


Anonymous said...

Gautam Sen on the grand old paper's favored poseur:
"...An Indian Brahmin Marxist, now enjoying very lucrative US hospitality as professor at Columbia University, had earlier marched to Ayodhya with his Leftist comrades to denounce alleged Hindu fascism and demanded the restoration of the sixteenth century monument to Islamic imperial depredation."

And immediately following (can you guess the object of Sen's
vitriolic scorn?):
"Alarmingly, a journalist, once associated with Hindu causes, recently announced on national television that ‘India has moved on’ though he really must mean he himself had done so and he should stop claiming to speak on behalf of crores of Hindus. The television channel itself, which allowed him to pontificate, is notorious for its Christian evangelical connections and unctuous solicitousness for Islamic jehadis and corresponding fury at the slightest manifestation of resulting Hindu protest...."

Read the entire article - Sen does not pull any punches.

Anonymous said...

Praveen Swami ex-hindu - check that guy out as well. Not sure what his citizenship is - but another oxbridge pseudo. 1st marriage to a gori and divorced.

kuttychathan said...

Where is that article?

Anonymous said...

@kuttychathan November 07, 2010 7:07 AM

Here is the link:

@ Anonymous November 07, 2010 3:59 AM
" ...another oxbridge pseudo..."

Forget pseudosecular, the real game in town is pseudointellectual (pissint for short).

Anonymous said...

Please go thru this. Vrindavan Parker who wrote about Kandhamal and had a free download of his book gives news not in the media.
This radio is from

Anonymous said...

Sid V .... guests could mingle with each , not the case with formal dinners.

Looks straight from the " 3 Idiots" script. Was he there for a free dinner. Must sign this guy for a production " Next Idiot"

Here it goes.

Siddharth Vardarajan, senior editor of The Hindu newspaper, who attended the event, told, "The PM's residence was beautifully decorated with diyas and marigold flowers. The walk from Panchvati Hall (inside the residence complex) to the green lawns in front of his house was elegantly decorated. In a way, it was unusual that guests could mingle with each other before the dinner started, which is normally not the case at such formal dinners."

seadog4227 said...

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