Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CAG report on 2G scam lacks rationality

When was the last time a politician confessed to a crime? Why is N.Ram so keen to mention that A.Raja has denied any wrongdoing? If it is not obvious enough, N.Ram states that A.Raja has only followed a well-established policy. N.Ram has effectively passed the not-guilty verdict on A.Raja.
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While denying any wrongdoing, he has insisted that he was persisting with a well-established policy in handing out 2G spectrum on a first-come first-served basis, instead of taking the auction route. This is no doubt true but serious questions relating to procedural irregularities and revenue losses remain.
As if this wasn't enough, N.Ram now resorts to veiled attacks. The letters question CAG's intentions and some others conclude  that if A.Raja is wrong, then we are all wrong.
The Comptroller and Auditor-General of India's observation of presumptive loss allegedly caused by the irregularities in the allocation of 2G Spectrum in 2008 lacks rationality. It has resulted only in sensationalism. One wonders whether the CAG can review government policies.
The CAG report is based on perception and forecast with a lot of ‘if's and ‘but's.
Can we take action against the Food Minister for foodgrains rotting in government warehouses?
If A. Raja is to be punished for causing a great loss to the exchequer, the Finance Minister, the Petroleum Minister, and all other Ministers should take responsibility for the policies that cause losses to the exchequer and resign.
They give rise to doubts that some sections of the media, controlled by the upper class, are bent on maligning even Cabinet Ministers on the basis of their caste.
I would have thought the reference to caste prejudices was uncalled for.

As Kanchan Gupta said, most scams are in the order of crores but A.Raja's scam is in percentage of GDP. A. Surya Prakash said that 1.76 lakh crores is the price Manmohan Singh has made us pay just so that he may remain in office. And what do we hear?: "Dr. Singh comes across as a leader whose integrity cannot be suspected."


Anonymous said...

the media up north are saving manmohan by saying that raja is not answering him and the dmk is to blame not congress. the hindu ensures that the dmk is safe. what a sham

Anonymous said...

The chindu which raised such a fuss over paid news seems suspect over paid suppression - if not in cash then in kind. If there is one good outcome from the raja affair, it is that it has torn the mask off manmohan who now looks more like the spineless limpet who practices clean politics not as a value but as a virtue he can wear on his sleeve. Some of the lambs of criers must have been fed back to the congress and the chindu.

Xinhua Ram said...

Ouch! EnRam's handlers are being compared with Hitler:

But China's clampdown on Liu's relatives means the Nobel medal and diploma likely won't be handed out for the first time since 1936, when Adolf Hitler prevented German pacifist Carl von Ossietzky from accepting the prize.

Anonymous said...

Guys have you seen this?

Please spread the word. This confirms what we have been saying all along.

Balaji said...

I guess he does better in this editorial piece!