Sunday, January 18, 2009

Perspective on workaholism

This blog is a critique on the biases and omissions of the media with a specific focus on Chindu. Recently however I read an article which should remind readers of the quality content which used to be published.
The article titled, "Do we live to work or work to live?" tackles the important but understated problem of workaholism. A lot of our readers work and can understand specific pressures put upon them during these economic times.
But this problem cannot be blamed on the economy alone but on factors like corporate culture, individual attitude and so on.
The article breezes through the causes, effects and potential remedies for the problem and is a good light thought provoking read.
A lot of other articles in recent times published in the Chindu follow the old trend, it is heartening to see better articles being published in this New Year.
As usual, your thoughts and comments are welcome.


CodeNameV said...

Yes, I read this article too. Gave an insight into the work culture and how to make it better. I think its been some time since I read an article of such quality.

Anonymous said...

I had to pinch myself in disbelief to find S.Gurumurthy article in Chindu.