Friday, January 02, 2009

Making the switch

I begin by wishing the readers a happy new year. I have had restricted internet access over the past few months and I had to make a choice. I had the bandwidth to read the news from a single source. Daily Pioneer made me a huge favour by upgrading their website. The new layout and the static links is awesome. So I made the switch to Daily Pioneer. I have been reading The Hindu for what seems like an eternity but I do not miss a thing now. On those few occasions when I glanced at The Hindu, I got what I expected.

What about the print edition? The newspaper has long been the primary source of news. Now people keep abreast of news by watching the tv news channels and browsing news aggregation sites. Newspapers are barely managing to survive the onslaught either by turning into tabloids or by providing valuable insights to go with the daily news. The dinosaur that The Hindu is, it has failed to move on. Rather, it made a stronger commitment to the communist model of capitalism - selling national interest for a silver coin. Remember the Mitrokhin archives? The Hindu has turned rabidly communist. Any semblance of journalistic balance has been sacrificed and with it eroded the loyal readership. This new year, I join the bandwagon and say goodbye to The Hindu. I eagerly await the launch of Daily Pioneer in my city.

As for the blog, I am more inclined to start a new one. It will also give me the latitude to cover broader topics. If I ever hit The Hindu out of habit, I will do an occasional post. You shall hear more from me on this. Finally, a big thank you to my dear readers for your continued support.


Shankar said...

I agree. You guys did a great job on Chindu and something that covers a broader range of topics will definitely be more successful. All The Best!

संजीव कुमार सिन्हा said...

आप राष्‍ट्रवादी विचारधारा को आगे बढाने के लिए शानदार प्रयास कर रहे हैं। मैंने भी एक ब्‍लॉग और वेबसाइट शुरू किया है। यदि आप इसका लिंक अपने ब्‍लॉग पर देंगे तो यह मेरे लिए खुशी की बात होगी। Please give link of following blog to your blog.

Anonymous said...

take care HF. You have done a splendid job, thanks